Rife Digital Professional V3!

The Rife Digital Professional has transformed the lives of more than 20 thousand people across the planet using the built in Dr Rife Treatment Protocol. The Compact size, easy to read menu and Large display in 3 built in languages, plus the instruction book in 12 languages.

Rife Ultimate Trio

The Affordable Rife Machine
TRIO = Triple the Features of previous models
Super-Sweep, Pulse-Sweep, Standard Sweep Modes
10 Programmable Frequencies built in (1 Group only)
Simple, Easy to Use, Portable, For those on a Budget


Q. Which is better to use CW or RF ?
Carrier Wave (CW) (Default) is the best mode, because it is based on the original Rife Beam Device. (RF) was considered later on the subsequent Kennedy models and would be considered a second option.
Q Where are the frequencies located for programming my own frequencies into the machine?
The ETDFL (Frequencies) are found in the last section of this book. The Frequencies are in English, as Medical English Terms and Medical descriptions are used across many languages.
Q. Can I connect this device to an external 12v Car or Solar Battery?
The PRO V2 series require 19v to operate, so if you are using directly on a battery, you will require a 12v-19v inverter . Caravans and Campers can safely plug the Power Adapter into the power socket in the van. The Adapter can be used in USA Socket (110v) or other countries (220v, 230v, 240v)
Contact Healthproducts2@gmail.com for External Battery options The US Store has a Solar Battery Portable Device which will run the PRO V2 series off the Power Grid
Q. Can 2 people use the machine?
Yes, 2 people can use the machine. There are 2 ports on the top of the Pro Series which permit cables for 2 people.

Only one Group can be played at one time
Dual frequency output only available in convergence sweep mode

Programs for up to 25 people can be stored on the machine, which is useful for a clinic preparing programs for the treatment of up to 25 clients ahead of time.

Q. What is the warranty on my Professional ETD machine?
12 months International warranty covers all international countries, Return Postage fees may apply to countries outside of UK, USA, Australia
Q. Can I buy bulk for discount or become a reseller?
yes discounts are available for bulk. Contact distributor in your area. Contacts for UK, EU, USA and Japan are on the back page.
Q. I don't like the straps, do you have an alternative?
Yes. The “Latest Rife Healing Mat” is a single sided conductive “Bed Mat” which you can lie on, without been connected to straps and wires. It is an excellent choice for back pain, and also for any other treatment programs. The MAT is available from US & UK Store, and can be ordered directly here:(USA) www.healthproducts2.com (Mat is displayed on Home Page)(UK) rifedigital.net/order (“Mat Pack” is on Cart Page)In USA Mat is posted using USPS (US) Postal services, and is also available to all International Countries. Rife Healing Mat can only be connected to the “PRO & PRO V2” series.
In UK, and EU, the “Mat Pack” is posted with Royal Mail, including tracking
Q. From reading the Dr Rife Journal, I know that Dr Rife used Straps on his 1940's model Rife Machines, however I also know he used a Light or Lamp as an option for treatments. Will you be selling a Rife Lamp for the Professional Machine?
ETD Labs in Germany are in this moment working on a Rife Lamp to suit the Rife Digital Professional Model. This has been an ongoing project for 2 years, as the transmission of frequencies into Light requires a large amount of research and also a trial on a selection of people. We anticipate a release of the Rife Lamp in 2017 – 2018, however at this time we do not have a fixed date.
Q. I need a few extra Straps, and cables, as I work with clients, so require extra accessories

Velcro Straps
Flexible Straps
Extra Leads
Rife Healing Mats
Rife Healing Belts
Solar Powered Portable Battery Pack

are available from US Store, and can be ordered directly here: www.healthproducts2.com (Straps displayed on Home Page. Straps are available for International clients)
For UK and EU, World:

SUPER MAT PACK (All Mats, Wires, Foot Straps, 24 Books on USB)
are available from rifedigital.net/order (Or email rifedigitaluk@gmail.com)

Japan (rifedigital.jp)

SUPER MAT PACK (All Mats, Wires, Foot Straps, 24 Books on USB)
Contact above International Store

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