Rife Digital Professional V3!

The Rife Digital Professional has transformed the lives of more than 20 thousand people across the planet using the built in Dr Rife Treatment Protocol. The Compact size, easy to read menu and Large display in 3 built in languages, plus the instruction book in 12 languages.

Rife Ultimate Trio

The Affordable Rife Machine
TRIO = Triple the Features of previous models
Super-Sweep, Pulse-Sweep, Standard Sweep Modes
10 Programmable Frequencies built in (1 Group only)
Simple, Easy to Use, Portable, For those on a Budget

Brand New Innovation

Introducing Rife Machine V3
Healing Efficiency Through Technology

Brand New Modules

Built in Groups, Variable Voltage
Multiple Language Menus

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The Professional Rife Machine, Version 3

Dr Rife invented the Rife Machine and helped thousands of people around the world recover from serious diseases including cancer using his Rife frequency devices.

With over 20,000 users in Europe and the world, the Rife series now include the  “Professional Rife Machine V3”: Powerful, affordable, and suitable for both Clinic and home use.

Higher Amps, Higher Current, Carrier Wave and an keyboard edit menu system, just to name a few new features.

We pride ourselves in sourcing only the highest quality parts from Microchip Devices USA Rife Digital Professional is made under license by Rife Digital Germany. You can have the same positive experience as Dr Royal Rife, using this modern Electro-Therapy ‘Rife’ technology.

Rife Machine


User Friendly

Simple to Use Rife Machine, Huge Screen, Easy to Use Menus


Plug and Play

Comfortable Straps, Dual Ports for treatment of 2 people at the same time, optional Rife Healing Mats, optional Healing Belts for Head or Neck


Sensitivity Select

Voltage Menu sets voltage in 3 stages, Easily select a voltage according to your sensitivity


Multi Language Menu

Three Built in Languages, Built in Groups are activated with a single button, or program your own frequencies from the ETDFL Frequency book

Packed with new Features!


The latest German designed Rife Machine

New features and Innovations, but also upholding the original Dr Rife, Rife Machine technologies in this modern device


6 Instructional Videos inside Box *

Instructional Videos assist with the setup and operation of the machine, * included on USB Drive


22 International Language books in box *

Physical Books are supplied with machine in multiple languages, all other languages are provided as PDF. Both Instructional Book and ETDFL Latest Frequency List from Germany


25 Built in Dr Rife Protocol Programs,

Free Slots for programming your own frequency sets, over 3500 Disease frequencies supplied with machine.


US and International Post


Whats in the Package


Rife Digital Professional V3 Menus

Plug In and Set Up the Rife V3

V3 Functions & Menu explained
Programming the V3



“I became a believer in Dr Rife’s discovery not so much after reading “The Cancer Cure that Worked”, but after I was in a Rife Digital Professional healing session by a retired nurse. This Nurse had refused going for congenital treatment because Chemo and radiation was her specialty and she saw mostly pain and misery and little improvement with conventional medicine. After so many Rife Digital treatments and mixing it up with Re-connective Healing sessions, I saw her about 3 months later at a club meeting. I asked how she was doing and she said fine. I said, how are you “really” doing? She knew what I was asking and said (with a bright smile), she went for a check up and the docs are confused because they can”t find any cancer (even after subsequent tests). I said did you tell them what you have been doing? She said, “no, they wouldn’t understand”. Thanks again for the great customer support, Be Well.”

Steve Ellison

“Firstly, thank you for providing an affordable Rife Machine! I cannot tell you what an answer to prayer it is. Being able to use it overnight is key for me, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help! Best Regards, Tracey Chalette”

Tracey Chalette

“I have the new series Rife Digital Professional V3. Very useful. I have had great success with the Bacterial Infections and Mycoses setting for infections. And the Parasite, General and Comprehensive frequencies. I have seen excellent results over the 3 week period of using the machine with overnight treatments. The built in programs are great. My father borrowed my machine, So I need to buy another one now. Thank You Vikki Young”

Vikki Young

“Many thanks for the Rife Digital Machine, bought as the second Machine with Yury Erman”s, who you have advised further regarding treating his Adult Onset Diabetes. The post-sales Support is really appreciated. I have just had a bad re-occurrence of Asthma not experienced since childhood. I was diagnosed 35 years ago as being allergic to dust and feathers. I had been sanding the wings of a sailplane for refurbishment, and have inhaled polyester gel coat particles. After just two full cycle treatments for asthma, I am breathing normally again! I am continuing further with the sessions to make sure the Asthma cause (probably a virus to which I am sensitive) has been killed.”

Andrew Coles

“I’ve been using the Rife Digital Professional V3, I bought through you for 7 1/2 weeks now. I am using it on my dog Carlos who has a Malignant Tumor the size of a golf ball growing on the outside of his nose. The first few weeks we saw no effect, then after about a month we noticed the tumor reduced about 50% in size. The ball shaped tumor was curving in to become concave. This was a great sign of progress. Carlos is often exhausted from the Cancer or the Rife healing treatment. His lymph node under his neck are hard and swollen. About a few weeks ago we gave him a few days off the machine to let his body recover. His body did recharge and the lymph nodes did get smaller. I will buy the Mat now for the Bed Lining, and hook this up for the overnight treatments.”

Joe Rapisarda

“Regarding The Rife Professional V3 Treatment: My present thought is that I must have been doing something right to stabilize the PSA. As I have reduced the Rife Machine treatment frequency after 3 months treatment [specialist definitively doesn’t want to know about it ]I would like to have your valued advice as to when I should continue with the rife machine and what programs would best suit my condition?. I would be looking to have a further PSA reading in about 3 months time. I hope the above will meet with your request for a progress report Dr Peter and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.”

Eric Pearce

“Hi Dr Williams, I never thought this was possible (as I thought that rife was only for bacteria and viruses), but I used the back pain frequency for one whole night (7 hrs) and after only my left lower back had pain. After another night (not running any script), most of the pain was gone! All I can say is wow! Please let others know because back pain is such a serious pain and can be long term. Kind regards Gabe”

Gabe Chan

“Dr. Williams, my family and I deeply thank God for you and your apparent genuine concern for those of us who were diagnosed with cancer. My mother was recently treated for gastric cancer and the chemotherapy seems to be causing her more pain and suffering than the cancer itself. When I researched alternative treatments, I found a Rife Treatment Clinic and we went to New York for treatments. We wanted to purchase the Rife Professional machine so that treatment for her and our loving pet (dog) who has cancer, could be done in the comfort of our home, but everywhere we looked to purchase the machine, the cost was too much out of our financial ability (thousands of dollars). It wasn’t until I saw your site and the sale that I JUMPED for joy and told my family I had found a Rife machine and other very valuable cancer treatment information we could afford and could use. Dr. Peter Williams, you and your company are our angels. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not being greedy and for being truly concerned about helping people heal. Even if your price goes up after the sale, at least the sale allowed those of us with little to no money purchase this very valuable piece of healing equipment. I wish you and your company, your family, and friends well; and, again please know you are our Angel! Bernard”

Bernard O’Sullivan

“I Have had my husband on the Rife Digital Professional everyday for three months, alternating from Malaria (for the first 3 weeks) then HIV then HepC and then alternating from HIV to HepC. He also completed the three week – MMS HIV treatment (taking MMS every hour for eight hours a day). On completion of the three months he had his 3 monthly HIV blood test. We also asked for a liver function test as well. His liver function is back to normal and his CD4 count has gone from 207 to 417 this is a great improvement. We will continue with the Rife Digital but would like to know if we just stay now with the HIV or do we continue alternating between HIV and HEPC. We have him taking the Astragalus and Ganoderma (high doses everyday) he also takes several other immune boosters as well. Your advice is always appreciated. Kind regards, Teresa Cumbers”

Teresa Cumbers

“I’m the one who worked with Dr. Loftin in Salt Lake nearly 20 years ago and operated his Rife machines on his patients in exchange for treatment on my daughter who was born with almost no immune system…after were were told take her home and enjoy her for what ever time she has left…so, we ordered the Rife Digital Professional and I have used it to treat severe T-2,3,4,5 and 6 spondylitis….additional damage from polio at age of nine….so much swelling and pain and even felt the pressure up into my head..I was most days unable to function. I started the Rife Digital Professional treatments and in less than 3 months I’m walking up and down 100 ft high hill to feed the animals on our mountain 31 acre farm, chopping and spitting fire wood..teaching 4 hrs per day home school to Grandchild and able to sit at computer for hours and feel no pain… none… not being a medical person I don’t know if the bone it’s self is being repaired or just the swelling and inflammation are under control…I’m 66… and feel a bunch like 50….”

Theodore Brennan

“This is just a thank you letter. What a difference it makes to have a real person at Rife Digital – answering questions personally, efficiently, thoroughly and promptly. The machine is working well and we are thrilled with it and will recommend it to others. It is helping me with a tooth that will only be attended to in a month’s time as I am in Australia at present. Initially we thought it was going to be complicated and time-consuming because of changing the program for different members of the family. But my 9 year old Grandson got the hang of it very quickly and programmed his own treatment for Dermatitis – Exfoliate. Warm regards Pippa ”

Pippa Duffy

“Learning about the Rife technology, I know that it is not really the result of a miracle – it is simply the application of a scientifically sound technology which was discovered, developed, and proven by Dr. Rife. What is shocking is that this technology has been so effectively suppressed by the conventional medical establishment, and even when the appearance of a new disease like Morgellons appears which can be effectively treated by the technology, they not only continue to reject the technology, but they also refuse to acknowledge the existence of Morgellons itself as a physical reality. I hope that Dr. Rife is able to witness the miracle of his discovery in the healing of my daughter from his place of honor in the world above. I am extremely grateful for your assistance, and that Rife Digital has made the effort to sustain the Rife technology in order to make these machines available. ”

Augustin Vásquez

“Re: Rife Digital Professional. To: Dr Pete Williams Hi there, I just wanted to give a testimonial on the rife digital machine. I had come back from holidays a few days ago. Upon returning, I noticed a sore throat, with very noticeably swollen tonsils. Using just one session of this (in fact, using a different set of frequency not the one in the book Gram Positive Bacteria), I was able to cure this immediately, no painful swallowing, tonsils shrunken back to normal size within a few hours. I am very impressed with the machine itself! Am glad I bought this!”

Alice Liu

“I have been using your machine for about 3 months now. Over the last couple of weeks, my ear cancer has been reducing in size, noticeable on a daily basis. My desire is to destroy it completely, At the moment I am not willing to undergo a CT scan and perhaps surgery to remove my lymph gland and the SCC on my ear, unless there is no other option. I will purchase the Rife Healing Belt now off you and put the belt over my ear, I think it would be more viable to have the frequencies at the point of the ear. Many Thanks, Rob Baillie”

Rob Baillie

“Hi Dr Peter, This is George from Greece. I have had the machine for about 3 weeks now. A lot of changes – for the good. My mother has taken herself off morphine, given up the wheel chair and most of the coughing. Not out of the woods yet but in a lot better place than she was 6 weeks ago. I have mentioned the machine to several people and I have been pleasantly surprised by a positive response. Especially from a few people who have seen mother through this process and know others with major challenges. I would like to start trying to sell the units at some point soon so will be needing your input on that. Have more questions but get to them later. Look forward to hearing from you.”

George Alexopoulos

“Recently my Doctor told me I had a Thyroid problem and scheduled me to see a specialist. Before my visit I used the Rife Professional Machine, and when I went in to the specialist their test showed it was normal. The test results showed it is a 4.82 and the Doctor said if it is 5 or lower it is normal. The Specialist showed me that when the other Doctor checked me it was over 8 and she could not explain why it is suddenly normal. My question is how often should I repeat the Rife Thyroid treatment for it to stay at the normal level? Monthly, quarterly, annually? Thanks Nick Promenart”

Nick Promenart

“I received the Rife Digital Professional V3 machine thank you, the larger menu screen is so much easier to use now. I found COPD on the menu immediately. I mean I just basically plugged it in, found my frequency in under 30 seconds and started Pulse Sweep overnight. I have already noticed my lungs have cleared and the infection is gone after 3 weeks of using the overnight 8 hour treatment time while sleeping. I ordered one for my wife for the treatment of the tumor under her armpit. I just couldn’t lend her my machine, my treatments are full time. Thanks”

Tony Richards

“I received my rife digital professional and am very, very happy with it. Thank you so so much. Having Lyme for six years I feared it progressing to the point of being helpless. I’m now feeling like my ‘old’ self and stronger than ever. It’s been less than a month using the rife. Really a Miracle, Thank you. Sincerely, Susie”

Sue Burke

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